Friday, 20 March 2009


Our top international coach, Jem Hall, is just back from Cape Town which he found amazing. He had some great days and was stoked to see lots of RRD boards and especially twins on view. The wind was from 4.2 to 5.2 so at 90 kilos he had a huge amount of time on his Twin 82 and 90. He will continue to feedback to RRD on these boards as part of his work in our research and development team.

In Cape town you will find the water is cold, the waves are sweet and that most of Europe goes there to train / holiday for the winter. There are so many spots there that you can score some sailing almost every day if you are willing to chase the conditions. Jem also hooked up with Cape town regulars Andrea Rosati and Kevin Mevissen who were ripping it up in the waves. Jem’s favourite spot is Platboom in the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve, but he says be careful of the baboons there or your food is history.

Jem runs a coaching clinic tour all around the world including Egypt, Rhodes, Baja, Ireland, Mauritius and Brazil. He is renowned for getting people to improve and fast and he will also help you to help yourself for the future to ensure that all this progress continues. You will never meet a more enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate windsurfing coach and you will realise he really wants to get you ripping and of course having a whole heap of fun along the way. His clients present him with their personal goals and together they towards what it is that they wish to get out of the course and Jem is on hand to ensure they get there.

You can join Jem Hall and the main Roberto Ricci on Jem’s wave camp in Baja on Aug 21 - 29 as guests of and get a chance to check out the awesome RRD wave and freestyle wave range there first hand. More info on Jem’s clinics can be found on

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