Monday, 6 February 2012

Mateo: News from paradise

Some news from paradise and my home spot. We got a small South Swell windows last week, not big because this is not the season but enough to have time and wave to edit a perfect clip for RRD. 

Lagoon Dreams on Vimeo and Youtube and also GOPRO of the day and share in US on specialized SUP website.
When i say "Perfect" it's just because we do a buzz on Vimeo more than 42000 view in 6 days :-)))). A buzz with a realy simple but beautiful video we use the famous quadricopter for some footages.
But we also understand something, in a video, people need to identify herself, because we understand majority of the people are not team rider but simple consumer who just need to dream and think about her next holydays on RRD board.
I'm Matéo a RRDiscoverer rider, and where you are just have fun and share with passion.

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