Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Arrianne Aukes: South Africa

After spending 5 weeks in South Africa, I'm back into the cold again.
It was great seeing such an amazing country, and I wanted to go there already for such a long time as it is one of the most famous places for windsurfing. And not only for windsurfing! I also did quite some
sightseeing, a few times due to injuries, and some because I really wanted to go there! Here some photo's from the Garden Route, which is a famous route through a beautiful part of the East coast from Cape Town to Port Elisabeth.

But, the main activity of my trip was of course training. I went to so many spots, but my favorite was
Langebaan. It's in a bay, so it's salt water but pretty strong and consistent. For waves, there are even more spots! The other freestyle spot is called Rietvlei, which is quite small, dirty and choppy
..but still nice some days!

(foto made by steven)

Marije (from Gearfreak) and Ydwer also arrived in Cape Town a few weeks ago. Last days I shared a house with them and they introduced me to Roberto Ricci (from RRD boards..!), and it was great to meet him.

(foto made by marcus seidel @ rietvlei)

Last few days I drunk some old water..which didn't felt so good in my stomach for a few days! Luckily the wind wasn't there those days, and the last two days before my flight there was some wind again! Had a film shoot with some freestyle action and in a few weeks you can see it! It's from my new clothing sponsor..which I will tell about soon! :)

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