Friday, 1 July 2011

Waves and wind dominate 3rd day at Kite Racing Worlds

Luca Marcis (06) after action

Racing action

Kerneur fighting against Heineken

Luca at opening day

Kerneur (123) beach talking after action
It was a windy day at the Kitesurf Course Racing World Championships in Sylt, Germany. And today, the freestylers entered the scene! The Kitesurf Tour Europe 2011 kicked off with side-onshore winds at 20+ knots. The riders were struggling with the tough conditions. It was not the wind, but rather the waves that made the landing difficult for the top Europeans.

In FREESTYLE COMPETITION, RRD team rider Seb Garat shows good attitude to ride in such cold and difficult conditions and he scored a good 3rd place on the single elimination. Finger crossed for the double elimination.
In the afternoon, the racers went out for two races at strong winds and 2-3 meter waves - not really easy conditions to handle with a race board. Nevertheless, the picture on the water did not change from yesterday. The US-team races in another league with only a few Europeans who can follow the speed of John Heineken, Andy Koch and Sky Solbach. 

Julien Kerneur is such an exception. The Frenchman is the hope for the Europeans to get to the podium in the overall ranking - a tough goal to achieve fighting the competition from the United States
RRD rider Tomek Janiak holds the 16th position, while Luca Marcis scoring a 11th and a 14th on the last 2 difficult races shows he can still rise some position from his actual Overall ranking of 19th.

On the production ranking it's thrilling time, since today also American Sky Solbach and Frenchman Maxime Nocher are listed in the Production Division Men, while till yesterday they were listed on the Open Division.
So we are not able to deduce a Production ranking until we'll find a solution to this issue ...
Keep tuned...


1. John Heineken (USA) 4.2 points
2. Adam Koch (USA) 9.4 points
3. Brayn Lake (USA) 21 points
4. Julien Kerneur (FRA) 21 points - RRD K-Race 70
5. Syk Solbach (USA) 22 points

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