Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Seb Garat: Worlds report!

Hi all,
here's my report with some pics of the event :
I decided to take part to the KTE (Kite Tour Europe) since we had a
pretty long PKRA break between France (in April) and Fuerteventura in
This is an European Championship in 3 stops. (Germany - Italy - France).
I thought it would be the perfect occasion to test how are working my
new kites in competition and to train myself for the PKRA.
as well, I thought it would be nice to get an European Champion I go full power on it !
So the first stop was last week in Germany - Sylt. I've never been
there before, and I just know the place from the famous windsurf world
I was a bit in shock to arrive there (one day late due to a plane
delay… but fortunately there was no Freestyle on the first day !).
Around 15 °C, dead onshore, 2 meters ugly shore break, and really
choppy outside. Looks like a roller-coaster !
Despite those hard conditions, I managed to get a 3rd place at the
single elimination, after defeating a few guys, I lost the semi final
with a bad heat, and won the losers final for this 3rd place. I've
been riding my new Obsession Pro (C shape) on this day. I was riding
on my 9 and all that I can say is that this kite is perfect for
freestyle competitions!!!
That was certainly not my goal for this event.
On the double elimination I went full power for a chance to get the
1st place. I confirmed my 3rd place in a first heat. Then I beat the
Dutch guy that beat me in the single to get the 2nd place. And then I
went up against the Single Elimination winner, Mario Rodwald. We both
did a good heat, but Mario won this final…
I got a 2nd place on this first KTE Event. Now I'm already in south
Italy, where the temperature is much better !!!
...and I'm still waiting for my boardbag that have been lost in my
trip from Germany to Italy.
Hope to win the event here for a chance to be European Champion.
See you all in Italy !

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