Monday, 18 July 2011

Testing RRD 2012 in OZ

Here are three photos of one of our young team guys - Matthew Gwynne -
testing the new 2012 "the four" wave sail and the new 96 freestyle wave.
2ndwind Sailboards
RRD Australia

"It was a rare day to sail on the opposite tack to our normal winds,
with clean small waves. We only get wind from this side to ride waves
about three times a year.
The wind was only 10 knots so Matt used the 82 twin at first with the
new 2012 4.7m "The Four" wave sail. Having used this sail on a few
occasions Matt loves the immediate power the four batten sail gives
for powering down the line.
As the wind faded Matt jumped on the 2012 freestyle wave to see how it
turns on the wave and was surprised at how good it worked in the small
waves. Matt is only 65kgs so the 96ltr board is very big for him, yet
turned well even with his light weight on the rails."

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