Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Update from South Africa

Luke McGillewie sent us a report from down under... check it out!

hey guys!

Just a update from SA we had the finals of the SAKT we had some really 
light wind almost everyone on 16m kites it was really fun and tough at 
the same time... but at the end we got some results.. my first 
race was quiet under powered but my angles were still really good.. i 
manged to keep my distance from the guys behind me but i just couldn't 
gain a place. on the second race it was really tight i just 
missed the 2nd place.. on the 3rd race it was a good start i started 
off 1st all the way until he first jibe i messed it up so i lost my 
1st place i kept a 50m gap from the 3rd guy but i was a really fun 
race just proved to me one mistake can mean it all! any way ended up 
with a 3rd in the racing which was the only discipline we got done...
enjoy the wind and waves!

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