Friday, 15 April 2011

LUKE McGillewe SKAT final report - 3rd Overall & First in wave!

Another update from SA!
We have finally had the final prize giving for SAKT (South African
Kiteboarding Tour) after a long season with 5 stop's brand changes and
a lot of new equipment, I pulled a 3rd place overall, 3rd for
freestyle and 3rd for race..good results.
There was a 45 point diffrence between 3rd and 2nd..
I would just really like to thank Roberto for taking me on board! The
equipment has yet to fail me its only been good!
I have to say there isn't any better combinaion than the 16m addiction
and the K-race 45 my racing has improved from not placeing to 3rd!
Good news is I am still the SA wave champ!
I look forward to hit a couple of PKRA events! see you on the water!
By the way we have 5m swell with 25knot exiting times
ciao luke

Dear Luke,
congratulations for the year end results!
Well done Luke!

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