Monday, 4 April 2011

Tine 1st on RRD X-FIRE!

Yesterday in very strong wind I won the first stop of the Canaries
slalom tour in El Medano. In gusts up to 45 knots and big sell the
conditions were far from easy. With the 6.4 Challenger Aero + and RRD
X-fire 90 I was most of the time fully overpowered but still had some
good speed.
We only did two races. In the firs one I was leading by far and made a
massive catapult. I crossed the finish line on 3rd place.
In the second race we had a very good battle with Andrea Cucchi, but
after the crash on the last jibe I managed to get up faster and won
the race.
It was an exiting local race and I would like to thank Luca for the
organization and all the local guys who were fighting out there!
1st. Tine Slabe
2nd. Vincent Langer
3rd. Andrea Cucchi

Tine Slabe

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