Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Report+K-Race+Addiction test



Hello all,

Team Kitelife entered two competitions for Adria Rip Curl cup. Our team members were excelent, taking almost all podium places. CONGRATULATIONS!

The cours racing event on the river Neretva was on, as the winds were betven 10-15 knots. For the first time we were able to test RRD K-Race boards provided by Slovenian importer SB EKSTREM.

New boards worked great from 8 knots on, so the conditions were perfect. Some remembered the times, when kiting started at 15 knots, now you can have all the fun from 8 :). Despite using the boards for the first time, our riders scored great. Course racing in the fastest growing discipline in kiting and also in our area the number of competitors grows from event to event.

The racing is realy fast and is set around the buoys set on the course. 20 riders stars at once and that can be the most interesting moment of the race, as the crowd gets big.

The best riders use course racing specific gear, but you can still find lots of twin tip boards in the vater. For the next year we also plan some races in Slovenia, so everibody is invited.

Results Course Race:

1. Rajko Vodišek (Kitelife, Hotel Vodišek)

2. Johhny Dolenc (Takoon, RRD)

3. Domen Simčič (Kitelife, RRD)

After the race on Neretva, we entered another competition on island Brac. Town Bol, with probably the most beautiful beach in the Adriatic, was waiting with winds from 20-25 knots.In the first day we had 5 heats and the RRD boards K-Race were fast again as we took first and third place.

Results Course Race Bol:

1. Miha Lenasi (Kitelife, RRD)

2. Rajko Vodišek (Kitelife, Hotel Vodišek)

3. Johhny Dolenc (Kitelife, RRD)

TEST RRD K-Race + Addiction 10.5m

We had the oportunity to test some equipment from RRD during the last two races. The K-Race board and RRD Addiction kite proved great. 1st and 3rd place on Bol and 2nd and 3rd place on river Neretva.

K-Race board is build for winds between 8 and 25 knots, works very well upwind and downwind is great too. Considering its size, the board is realy calm under your feet. It alows a wery sharp upwind riding, and the fun starts at 8 knots. Thanks to this kind of gear, we can expect more days on the water as before.

Together with the board, Slovenian distributor SB EKSTREM provided us with race Addiction kite 10,5, that is ment for 15-30knots wind.Â

With the combination of both, Miha Lenasi won the event in town of Bol on island Brac.

RRD and the distributor guarantied, that in 2011 even 6 knots will be enough to race with kites, so we can not wait.

SB Ekstrem d.o.o.

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