Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Skyeboy @ Vargas Championship

Every year around this time Marcos Perez organises a competition at Vargas. The emphasis is on fun and it includes a kite contest, wave contest and long distance race. The waves is left to the local guys and was won this year by little Animal rider Alesio. The race however was open and it ended up being a neck and neck fight the whole way around with Philip. We were pretty even and I should have beaten him to the upwind point, but I missed the layline by a few metres and had to put in 2 extra tacks. That gave him an extra hundred metres on me, which in the end was what counted. I caught him back up and over took him down wind, but it all came down to a drag race over the last 500 metres. I dont think I have ever been so fast on my wave board, but unfortunately it wasn't fast enough and I couldn't hold him off. In the end after 22 minutes of racing we finished about 2 metres apart.
He is getting a bit good at winning at the moment!!! Anyway the whole weekend was really fun including a good party and my first night sleeping in the new van conversion. Back to the UK next week, so have 1 more week to enjoy the constant wind! Thanks to Mario and Maria for
the photos.

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