Saturday, 14 August 2010

Seb: Report Tenerife = Update

Hi All.
The wind is blowing crazy here in Tenerife. 40 - 50 knots !
I did a new hight record yesterday to 52 feets hight with the shadowbox on the 6m Obsession ! It's a good kite for the storm !

Today will be the wave event, and tomorrow will be the last day and the end of the freestyle double elimination.
I'll keep you update with the results. I will go FULL POWER !!! (or maybe OVER POWER ;).

Have a good day !

official press release PKRA:

"Sebastiien Garat (RRD, FRA) decided to have a little extra fun today by testing out the Shadow Box in the extreme wind conditions here in El Medano, Tenerife. Garat tested the Shadow Box in Fuerteventura, Spain last week and managed to reach a height of 45.1 feet. Garat was more determined than ever to beat his current world record jump. He succeeded by reaching 52 feet making it the highest jump recorded on the Shadow Box to date on a PKRA World Tour Competition.

Kiteboarding World Tour 2010 TenerifeAug-12-2010
Freestyle single eliminations wrap up the second day of competition

The wind forecast today predicted a change in direction and speeds ranging anywhere from 30-40 knots. Shortly after 2:00pm the assumption was correct, the wind began to shift and the speed jumped from 10 to 20 knots within 30 minutes.

Riders abandoned their lunch in order to start pumping up their kites and preparing for an intense freestyle single elimination competition.

Youri Zoon (Slingshot, NED) had an amazing day defeating the Russian’s Sergey Borisov (Best ,RUS) and Sergey Belmesov (Liquid Force, RUS), as well as Ariel Corniel (Ozone, DOM) leading him straight into the final against Sebastien Garat (RRD, FRA). In the final heat, Zoon had an overall better execution of tricks and kite position, which made for a high risk factor due to the extreme wind conditions. Sebastien Garat (RRD, FRA) eliminated Michele Ratti Morales (Slingshot, ESP), Alberto Rondina (Cabrinha, ITA) as well as Andy Yates (Slingshot, AUS) in the semi final leading him into the final against Youri Zoon (Slingshot, NED). Zoon takes first place in the freestyle single elimination while Garat takes second followed by Yates in third.



1. Youri Zoon (NED)

2. Sebastien Garat (RRD, FRA)

3. Andy Yates (AUS)

4. Ariel Corniel (DOM)

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