Friday, 13 August 2010

Seb won the "Sky Masters" in Fuerte

Hi All.

I hope everything is good on your side.
For me all good. here is a fast report from the last PKRA event in Fuerteventura with some pics.
I had 9th place in Freestyle and I and setted the 1st official World Height Record !!! to 45,1 feets high, riding the Obsession 2011.
I think it's a good promo, after winning the Big Air Board Off in Germany ! The 10,5 is so good for flying away !

Anyway, now I'm already in Tenerife for the next PKRA event and I've got one more good news. I just made it into the Final in Freestyle today.
After defeating Rondina, and Yates in the single elimination, I've been up against Youri Zoon in Final. I had some nice powered tricks but also a few bad crashes !!! and couldn't take the win.
I'm second for the moment, and will try to keep this place and of course try to reach the 1st place !
I'll keep you updated about the results here.


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