Friday, 27 November 2009

Tine in Chile again

Yes, I am in Chile again! After quite some time at home I collected the new 2010 Challenger wave sails and the new RRD WaveTwin Ltd V2 90l. I packed all the gear in the new RRD Equipment Bags, that are just amazing to travel with, since they really made them perfect!

Before knowing I was already in the middle of Atlantic thinking about the unbelievable waves that I will ride. And here I am sitting on a terrace of the small Yutty hostel looking at the waves and waiting for wind to come back. Yesterday we had the first surf session in the morning and a nice windsurfing session in Llico with Bash 5.7, that really has a lot of power.

Stay tuned!

On the airport in Santiago
Best travel bags I ever had
On the way to Pichilemu
What a nice coast

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