Monday, 2 November 2009

Skyeboy UK Champion!!!

John Skye had a pretty good week end,
since he won the BWA Mormaii Cornwall Classic event
and the UK Wave Title as well.
Congratulations John,
you rip!

here are some words from da man!

Ciao guys!!!

I just got back from the final event of the year and won both the event and the UK WAVESAILING TITLE!

Really happy because its been a really good year. 4 events, lots of different conditions and a good number of competitors doing all the events. The last event had the single elimination in cross offshore port tack and the double elimination in Starboard tack cross shore...
Pretty perfect really.


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  1. You the man , John!

    Big congratulations from us all here in Italy !

    Really proud to be your sponsor .

    Roberto Ricci

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