Tuesday, 18 October 2011

EPISODE 4 - Cross Training - by Fabrice Beaux

Photo credit: Sylvain Demercastel

Down the line windsurfing is my specialty, I love it. Especially when the waves are mast high or bigger, long and hollow, with side off shore wind smoothing off their faces. This type of wave sailing conditions is what I live for, train for and search for. I dedicated my life to it, and my sponsors have helped me achieved my dreams of riding perfect waves around the world.

Living on the island of Oahu has been perfect for my lifestyle and to satisfy my passion for riding waves. But even when you live on a Pacific Island Wave Magnet, you don't get perfect windsurfing conditions everyday. My goal is always to be on top of my game for when those perfect conditions roll around. I need to be used to my equipment and be in good shape all the time and this is where training and cross training comes in.

It is great that my main sponsor, RRD, makes all the water-sport toys that I love to use, obviously great windsurfing board but also the top kiteboarding equipment on the market, and a wide selection of high performance surfboard: short board, longboards and SUPs. I am very proud and stoked to use all of the RRD product for my training.

Kiteboarding: I love to kite board when there are no waves and the wind is good, I know I am not missing out on Wave Sailing and I can practice big jumps on flat water. Now a days learning how to kite is easy due to how good the equipment is, and when you have a windsurfing background it is even easier. This year I have been using a 10 and 8 meter RRD RELIGION KITE with a POISON 41 freestyle twin tip board, and it has been so much fun.

SUP: I have been using the new 8'11 SUPPER, and I have been very happy with its performance. This board is the most versatile of all boards. It can be surfed in small or large waves, be used as a windsurf board, and it is still big enough for flat water cruising. SUP is the perfect Cross Trainning sport as it works most of the body muscles, for a great fitness training, and it is also super fun to ride waves with it.

Kiteboarding and SUP has been my 2 favorite cross training activities the past couple of seasons and they have been very beneficial to my Wave Sailing. Those sports have helped me to stay in great shape and stay connected to the water while waiting for those perfect windsurfing conditions.

Practicing all these various water sports also keeps my mind open, helps me be ready for anything, and appreciate and respect everybody that I encounter on the water, it doesn't mater what kind of board they are riding.

The ultimate goal is not just to be at your best, but be at your best for ever. I always keep that in mind while training and getting ready for those magical days.


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