Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dutch Freestyle Championship 2011

Dear all,
Here a small update from cold, but windy Holland.
15&16 octobre was the last stop of the Dutch Championship Freestyle Tour. The tour includes three weekends where the participants have the opportunity to show what they can do, if there is enough wind at those days. The first good day of the tour was 9th of October at Amstelmeer. It was really cold, but there was just enough wind to keep a competition.
My two hardest competitors were Sarah-Quita Offringa (World Champion) and Rolien Cears (Dutch Champion 2010). I won against Rolien, and this secured me at least a second place during that event. Anyway, during the competition, Sarah Quita gave up because she was too cold. That was great lucky for me, because Sarah-Quita is still a level higher than me, and I ended up being in first position.
There was no wind at the last stop of the Tour at Lauwersmeer last weekend, so I kept my position of first place in the Women results and became the Dutch Champion Freestyle 2011.
I'm super happy with this result, as it is nice to have such a good result in my own country and to become for the first time in my life Dutch Champion!

Thanks all for your support and help!
Next week I will go to Brazil to train for the PWA Tour of 2012, and I will keep you updated and try to make some nice photo's.
Arrianne Aukes

Watch here the videoclip by Sjoerd Posthumus and below the results:

1.Davy Scheffers
2.Dieter Van der Eyken
3.Rick Jendrusch

1.Arrianne Aukes (RRD-SimmerSails)
2.Sarah-Quita Offringa
3.Rolien Caers

1.Rick Jendrusch
2.Nick van Ingen
3.Tim Ruyssenaars

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