Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Finian updates from Vietnam

Finian in the frame
Finian puts all in line
"The first day of competition for this season was run in difficult
conditions ranging from 7-12 knots of wind and a very choppy sea-
state. I was able to win my first two heats but unfortunately the
final could not be completed. We had three tries but each encounter
was stopped due to a lack of wind at the first mark. So far I am
extremely pleased with the performance of my 135 X-Fire. The board is
trimming very well with good speed and stability, a big improvement
from the 010 version, so it seems our hard work in the R&D department
has some good potential. The wind is due to come back tomorrow and
hopefully things will come together out on the race course for the RRD

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  1. Hi Finian congrats man u seem to rock i hope you get it for all of us bigger guys even in the light winds....Can you reveal to us the size u r using 9,5 slalom or 10.0formula(?)fin combo?if not now maybe after the race......;)