Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Dakhla event is over

Dakhla event is over a it was a success!
Here you can find a report from our team rider TINE SLABE and RRD
Belgium distributor Alain De Gent, both in Dakhla to attend the
windsurfing long distance!
Both had a great race and finished in 3rd and 4th position... here you
can find their report... very well done guys!!!

Tine Slabe - SLO 6
"Hi all
When you have a good time the time is flying and the Dakhla festival
is already finished. It was an amazing week full of surfing in any
king of way and music all topped with amazing people!
We have started the second race that was supposed to be shorter, but
with a bit more wind the air got more dusty and after sailing on one
leg for 10km we just could not find the mark. So we were sailing up
and down but have to abandon the race and there was no official result
counted. So the results remained unchanged after the first race and I
finished the longest competition I have ever done on the 3rd place. At
this point I must add that the purpose of the festival was not the
competition, but sharing and meeting with different cultures.
In the waves local Boujmaa Guilloul was dominating. They held also
competitions of SUP, short board surfing, long board surfing, boogie
board and kiting. The show on the water was of really high standard!
I have surfed the longest wave with SUP, competed in the longest
competition and met some impressive people, and unforgettable week!
Unfortunately at the end of the festival there were some attacks in
the city of Dakhla and some of the concerts had to be canceled, but
personally I have not seen or heard anything.
The trip it will also remain unforgettable due to the longest check in
I have ever made. On the way home we were on the airport for 7

"Hi all,
I was in Dakhla and I've been focussing on the competition-long
I'm happy to tell you that I became 4th just behind Tine. (by using
the X-Fire 90 and 6,3 and 7,0m² Blades)
I've only had relatively small gear to use, so I'm pretty happy with
this result!!
The Dakhla event was great, but there have been some serious trouble
in Dakhla, and the music festival was cancelled.
Army and special forces had to come to restore law and order.
Now everything is safe again and small shops are re-opening again.
(problem for us because we ran out of food).

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