Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Shawn Richman & RRD VISION @ La Ventana Classics (Baja Mexico)

Quick heads up from the La Ventana Classics event.
Shawn Richman won the Big Air / Freestyle competition in the La
Ventana Classics this weekend.
In the first heats he used the 2011 Obsession 9m, and on the final
heat the 2011 Obsession 10.5m, with the prototype 2011 Poison Contest
132 x 41.
On another announcement, the 2011 RRD Vision got introduced for the
first time in North America (probably in the world) this weekend at
the La Ventana Classics, Baja, Mexico.
The new kites have been received with very positive comments from
almost 50 people who tried them during this event.
Amazingly stable, relaunching like nothing, predictable, impressive
glide, and overall performance.

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