Monday, 31 January 2011

Finian Blog words

Dear RRD blog readers.
I am currently in Maui with my family. The conditions for slalom
training since the New Year have been not bad, especially for January,
and we expect a new trade wind cycle to begin tomorrow. I have been
putting the new XF V3 112 thru some quite rigorous training in
sometimes very challenging conditions and I must admit I am impressed.
The 135 has also been on the water several times and this board looks
set to be very competitive this year. Both boards have the potential
to win so now it is about putting in the work and hopefully get the
desired result in the first event of the year, Vietnam.
Normally the start of our year is later so this is a refreshing change
that will surely get the main players to show their cards early in the
season, which is exciting whether looking from the inside or the
outside. I think this is the year where there can be multiple event
winners and tight points until the end in the race for the title so
keep tuned and see how it all unfolds as I will begin to write on this
blog from time to time to keep some 'insider' views coming your way.
Good sailing and all the best, Finian


  1. Hi Finian can you share the differences of the new boards compared to the previous models with us....example the 135 planes earlier ,it is bigger goes faster etc.... so all of us who aree very happy with last years crop can get the credit card working......

  2. Ciao, check it out this post:

    and rember to download the PDF version to read it easier:

    All the info about the boards are wrote by Finian himself

    Let me know if you need more infos...

  3. Hi insider , i read everything and from my understanding the new 135 is planing even earlier and is more powerfull etc... I had the 09 135model and after reading the 010 descriptionand specks decided to buy the 010 135 one .. It is by far the best board i ever had both in light wind and stronger one so i find it hard to see how much better the 011 model can be and a direct comaprison to the 010 model in the following departments of performance ,non planing,early planing,pasive planing,acceleration,light -medium -stronger wind speed -upwind -ease of jibing-speed out of the jibe i hope one can help us

  4. Hello.

    Believe it or not, the new 135 is better in almost every category compared to the 010 model in the departments you mention especially acceleration and light wind underpowered performance whilst still having excellent characteristics when powered.

    The whole RRD team worked very hard on the new light wind models. I highly recommend getting one of the new boards.

    Good sailing, Finian

  5. Hello, I think would be very interesting to know what is the best option for riders lighter than Finian between 135 and 122 with big sails like 9,5 and 8,6. As Julien Quentel also has choose 122 as light wind and his 85 kg. Could you tell us what are the pro & contras for both boards as light wind boards. ( I assume most of us also will have 112 as medium wind). Diference in speed with 9,5 and 8,6.Diference in planning. Best for 10 knows racing, for 12 knows... i already have 112, 122 and 135 2010 but need to decide this year only light board for 85 rider in local and national compettions.These debate also is in other forums...

  6. Hi ,

    can anyone tell me about these 122 x-fire V3 board. it look very good and i am very sure that the performance is good if not better compared to let's say 117 wide starboard and riding with 8.6 metre race sails. thank you

    sui 245