Saturday, 4 December 2010

Seb Garat: Report NEw Caledonia

The PKRa New Caledonia came to an end last sunday.
It didn't worked as i expected for me in the Freestyle discipline. I
been kicked out early in the single by Marc Jacobs, and had to run
from the bottom of the ladder on the double.
Unfortunatly I met Alex Pastor after winning a few heats. I had a
really good heat against him, but he landed 2 mobes with the kite
really low and he took the advantage with that. I just could win a few
places and I take the 9th place on Freestyle. That's my worst result
of the year, so I'm not really happy about it.
On the other side, I really had fun doing the long distance from
"Phare Amédée" to the event site. It's around 20 kilomètres on one
tack !!! I finished 3rd to this discipline. It was a good fun to
battle against the locals ! A good race !
And finally, I also won the Best Trick Board Off, as a show
Discipline ! It looks like the judges really like my Board Flip !!!
To sum up, It was a good event with some podiums, just not that good
in Freestyle for the overall Ranking.
Now we are in the Australia Gold Coast about to start the 10th and
last event of this 2010 season.
Gonna ride full power and try to get some points for the overall
ranking to get a 5th place...
LEt see how it goes.

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