Thursday, 23 December 2010

Seb Garat: Report Australia - End of the 2010 Season.

Report Australia.
This is finally the end of the 2010 Season.
For the last event of the year, we didn't had the greatest conditions.
It's been raining with no wind nearly every days. We just had one day
with side shore 18 knots and some kickers to save the competition.
Due to the lack of wind conditions, we just could complete the single
elimination where I took a 5th place. The Wave event couldn't be
On the last day, the wind picked up around 12 knots, still too light
for the Freestyle, but enough to try a Red Bull Boarder Cross Downwind.
I took a 5th place here in Freestyle and finished 4th on the Boarder
Cross Final.
This 2010 season, I'm finally 7th in the Overall ranking. My friend
Tom Hebert won the event in Australia and passed me to the 6th place.
And I couldn't pass my opponent of the year, Alberto Rondina.
I'm pretty satisfied of this season (despite loosing one place just at
the end!), I've been pretty constant on the 10th stops. I did 2 time
9th, which is my worst place, and then between 7th and 5th plus 2
times on the podium at the 3rd place in Tenerife and Argentina.
I changed a lot my style of riding between the beginning and the end
of the year. I adapted my style after the Germany event where we had
the judgement riders meeting who said :
"When the heat is close, the quality of the execution of the tricks
completed during the heat, will be the key factor to decide the winner.
The quality of the execution of the tricks is determined by the power,
risk factor and speed".
To make it simple, I have to make each one of my trick as powerfull as
I can !
Now that's the end of the year, I will stay in New Caledonie for
Christmas, take some rest, and start training again in 2011 to start a
new PKRA season. Certainly in Thailande on March. Schedule to be
I want to thanks all my sponsors for their help since many years now.
Without them, I couldn't live what I'm living today, and I'm proud to
ride for them !
thanks to RRD, Fiat Freestyle Team, Cool Shoe, Waxx Underwear and Pro

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