Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Skyeboy New Toys

Just picked up all my new toys and they look SICK! I am like a kid at
Christmas! I have all 3 of the new Wave Cults, 92, 83 and 75. I think
those will be my main boards for the UK, Canaries and all the comps.
Then I also have the 84 and 76 Hardcore Wave Cult, which are the more
rockered pure riding boards. These will be the weapons for those rare
proper riding days, like Maui or Cape Verde. My new Super Style
MkIII's look sweet too. Bit more power than last years, which I prefer
for all conditions, onshore and side shore. Plus I finally have the
SUP that I have been waiting 6 months for. Its the 9'6 Diamond tail
Ltd edition. It looks beautiful, and I already rode it in Maui so I
know it works as good as it looks! Now all I need is some wind, or
waves... or both!

Posted By Skyeboy to News Blog on 9/01/2010 11:06:00 AM

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