Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Kia Cold Hawaii Denmark: Skyeboy 5th in the single

Skyeboy in action on his new RRD WaveCult Quads
Above: Lars Gobish one handed backloop

RRD Windsurfing Wave team is pretty busy those days, attending the first PWA event ever held in Denmark on legendary spot Klitmoller.

RRD Team Captain John Skye scored a good 5th place in the single Elimination, while local Guru Kenneth Denielsen was stopped in the second round, as well as German ripper Lars Gobish and our french wave maestro Yann Sorlut.

Florian Jung, Wout Burman and our Demark distributor Mikkel Asmussen were out in the first round, and already waiting to play their second chance in the double elimination.

Here the words from RRD Top rider Skyeboy:

"Today we ran the single elimination in Klitmoller. Conditions were pretty good, with the occasional logo set coming though. In the morning the wind was light for a 5.8, but by the afternoon it was
enough for a 4.9 and then it was really fun. I had a pretty good day, advancing through to 5th and eventually losing to Kevin Pritchard. I had some good heats, but against KP I got stuck a bit too far downwind and struggled to end to the best spot for the riding. Still I am pretty happy and tomorrow it looks like we should have the double elimination in even better conditions, so looking forward to that. We have live video, so check out the to watch the action live. Congratulations to Kauli for winning today and to Ricardo for making his first final in the waves. Lets see what happens tomorrow. "

Local ripper Kenneth Denielsen showing his gear and some skill in front of a video camera...

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