Saturday, 10 July 2010

Pozo Day 4

Today was the 4th and final day of the 2010 Pozo PWA. We ran the whole way through the double today in fairly decent conditions. Not epic, but not too bad either. For me things went pretty well in the first heat. My opponant Anxton ripped his toenail off freesailing before the heat and therefore didn't sail the heat. Next up I had Swift, who to be fair has been ripping. He beat me in the first heat, but a wave conflict meant I got a second chance. It was closer in this heat, but he still beat me. I was missing my double, which possibly would have put me through, but for some reason it wasn't happening today. I tried about 4 in the heat and they all ended in disaster! Well done to Swift
though who went on to finish a very respectable 6th place. Me I had to settle for 13th, which although not great is my best result for the last few years. For some reason, despite living here for half the year, Pozo is always my worst result. Hopefully this year having improved slightly, my overall ranking will show the same improvement at the end of the year.
As for the winners.... It came down to an epic battle between Philip Koster and Victor Fernadez. Both sailors were insane and a clear level above the rest in my eyes (except maybe Ricardo, who as always was nailing some insane doubles). In the end after 3 finals it was Victor who came out victorious, so massive congratulations to him. Now its time to chill a bit and sort all those
things out that have been on the back burner for the last month... like putting together a video or two. So coming soon (hopefully) my video from the last few months. (pic JC/PWA)

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