Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Julien Quentel training for the Master of the Caribbean

Julien Quentel
is starting his training looking at the incoming Master of the Caribbean, the "very long distance" that will be held in the Caribbean from March 2 to 9 next.
Julien Quentel will be the one to keep an eye on, since he's the only local of the event.

Back with FRA-421 on this event where he hopes to shine!
"It will be a great experience because it will be in the Antilles.
I'm not used to race too long distances, but I spend an inordinate amount of time on the water in all water sports.
What will be the hardest thing in my opinion is to keep staying always on the same side. The risk is to hurt the legs and I think especially the feet and arch!
I'm going to attend this event primarily for spirit ofadventure and to navigate on the warm waters between the islands and of course I will do my best to get a good result!

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