Monday, 18 January 2010

RRD Religions tested in Elands Bay , South Africa

" January 6th is an Italian national holiday that clicks the end over the christmas holidays, it's the "day of the witch" that brings chocolate and candys to the good boys and charcoal blocks to the bad ones ..

This is a sign that shows that we must have been good boys on this day where we have travelled for two hours from Cape Town to go and ride the famous lefhand waves of Elands Bay , 200 kms north of Cape Town.

On January 5th the swell was quite a good size with sets up to clean 5-6 mts breaking perfectly on the rocky plateau just below the point. But the wind was never enough to allow and kites or windsurfboards to get out. Surfers only.

On January 6th the swell dropped quite a bit but it ranged all day between 2-3 mts sets . The wind picked up around 12:30 but remained gusty for the whole afternoon.

Riding this small size in such a perfect setup was an unforgettable experience. Easy , fun and pleasant . You could push every move with no risk...

I heard of this spot already in 1988, the first time that I came to Cape Town. But at that time the road to Elands Bay was a bit of a rough ride, so it was not until 2010 that I had the chance to come ride it.

For those willing to ride waves in Elands Bay with a kite or a windsurfboard, pls always remember that this is world famous surf spot and surfers have always right of way here....

There was no better way yo introduce the new RELIGION KITES to the South African atlantic ocean.

This new kite simply brings the magic of surfing made easy to a great new population of kiteboarders. This kite opens up a whole new world to those who never dreamt of riding waves properly...."

Roberto Ricci.

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