Monday, 18 January 2010

Maui winter report from Ascanio

We are having an exceptional winter

Lots of waves, huge swells, surf is incredible

Not much wind but high quality windsurf

I’m writing a journal of the conditions, awesome shots, I asked Surf a Vela to publish a “Maui winter surf report”.

Last session: Tuesday January 5, 2010… Lanes… Kona… unreal, my best session ever in Maui. End of the day: mast an half size glassy waves, in the water, only Francisco Goya, Jason Polakov and me… a life time experience. Erik Aeder was taking shots, I’ve been told I got some really good shots, can’t wait to see them… send them to you as soon as I get any.

In attach a couple days ago (January 4th) during a small Lanes by Kona (fotos by David Holmqvist and a couple from December 31st at Kanaha (by David Loria)

Thanks to everyone for your support making my dream a reality


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