Thursday, 30 April 2009

Arnaud movies

Hello Everybody,

here is a link to check my last windsurf movie,

...the guy with the very old Gaastra sail is me,

Haven't been windsurfing for years, this was a day in The Algarve,
Praia da Rocha, a spot were I ride a lot.
This day was no wind enought for jumping,
just wave riding,

This was my first day windsurfing in waves since 4 or 5 years or even longer....

The gear that im using was a s*#t, the board doesn't want to turn, but it was still a very nice session...

This movie, just has 2 riders, a good frend of me, Miguel Martinho,
and me... he is on the Neilpryde, I'm on the Gaastra..

When its Levante wind for a few days, the waves start piking up, wind is side off, perfect for riding those waves..

These are the links of some movies I made this winter,

links below

...some sports dat I like to do,

hope you enjoy them

all the best


  1. Ganda Arnaud! Continua a dar-lhe ;)

    Marco Pedroso

  2. The best Arnaud:)