Friday, 25 February 2011

TINE SLABE @ Dakhla Festival - Longdistance 1

here is a news from RRD team rider Tine Slabe, who actually is in Morocco attending a very interesting event: the DAKHLA FESTIVAL.

Here is a small report from him... check it out and stay connected on RRD!

"Last weekend I left to Dakhla, Morocco. I was invited for the long distance, but the first days there was lighter winds so I was surfing and SUP-ing. Today we did the first long distance race of about 45 km. I was with my Aero 8.7 and RRD X-fire 112 and the sail was a bit big so I could not go full the whole 1 h. I finished the race 3rd and I am happy with it. It was a long and tough race, but the forecast for tomorrow is good and we might go for the longest race ever, an impressive 90km!

You can check the race live on :

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