Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Seb Garat: News PKRA Leucate.

HI all.

Below my report from 2nd day of PKRA FRance in Leucate - La Franqui.
With few Pics

Wind forecast was'nt too good yesterdayn, but never under estimate the

This morning when I oppened the door at 7h30, (before the 8am Skippers meeting), I was really surprised to see the flag from the riders zone in their usual position... Horizontal! Tramontane is here, pretty light right now around 10 knots. But I'm in the first heat of the men, and the briefing says a first possible start at 8h30. I've got no choice, I got to pump up my 12. The wind is picking up, and finally the start is validate at 9:10 am. The wind is finally getting pretty strong, and in 1/2 hour, I alreayd pumped my 12, 10,5 and 9 ! But right now it's time for my heat, and I would need the 7... But I have to go. The same surprise effect for my opponent, Mario ROdwald, he's on 9 as well, pretty powered !!! But at the end, I did a good heat despite my too big kite, and advanced to the 2nd round.

In the next round, the Tramontane is already around 30 knots, with probably some gusts over 35... I'm against my RRD Team Mate Tomas Teixeira again (like in Thailand in the double elimination), what a shame... But Only one of us can go through. I go on 7 this time, perfectly powered. I did a nice heat, with a good variety, and 4 switch tricks which gave the the advantage. And a place in 1/4 final.

Now it's time to go against Youri Zoon for the 1/4. I'm pretty confident with my previous heat, and the conditions look like pretty much the same. I wanted to be really technical again for this heat, in order to beat Youri's power. I had a pretty nice heat again, with 4 switch tricks, and a nice power, and a total of 12 tricks. I went out off the water confident, and thought I would win and advance to semis.
On the beach, people tell me it's a close heat. And finally, I'm so disapointed when the wrote the result on the board. Youri won 3 judges against 2. On the judging sheets, I've seen he won for his "Power", and "Kite Position".

I'm finally 5th in the single elimination. Now, I'll wait for another Tramontane day to make the double elimination and try to take a place on the podium. It's a long way, but motivation is here...

Tramontane doesn't lies.

I join few pics from Today and yesterday. (ITW).


1. Andy Yates

2. Yuri Zoon

3. Alex Pastor

4. Kevin Langeree

5. Seb Garat - RRD

9. Tomais Teixeira - RRD

9. Gerard Sanchez - RRD

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