Monday, 14 December 2009

RRD Family welcomes Anthony Chavez

RRD Family keeps growing and welcomes Anthony Chavez back in the US and into the RRD/Mystic/Live2kite Racing Team.

"Anthony doesn't need much introduction among this group as he has been capturing the top Racing ranks as long as we recall, and the #1 spot in the Cabrinha US Race Series in 2008. We are all super stoked to add yet another ripper to our team."


"Well done Evan,

and welcome to the RRD family to Anthony!!!

Can't wait to see the presence and impact of our team in the water next year!!

And more than anything else can't wait for the time to get out there with all the team and test their speed on the course!

I am training hard these days!!

Ciao and thank for the great news my man!"


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